For Car Enthusiasts By Car Enthusiasts.

BACKFIRE has been in the works for over a year now. Being part of the Southern California automotive community, we set out to develop a card game that embodied the unique culture. We made it a priority to have the most realistic "street racing" experience possible with BACKFIRE. Face off against your friends and family and do whatever it takes to win. Remember, this is the streets, and things aren't always fair.

Our goal is to get this game into the hands of every automotive enthusiast in the world. The hours spent agonizing over functionality have proved worth the effort in play tests over the past few months. An overwhelming amount of support has been shown in the way of constructive feedback and suggestions to make BACKFIRE the best game it can be.

We plan to launch our Kickstarter campaign later this year and be shipping by this holiday season. We are working day and night to make BACKFIRE a world class tabletop game everyone can enjoy.

Thank you,

The BACKFIRE Development Team


Why a card game

It Actually Makes a Lot of Sense

We get asked over and over again why we designed a card game. Here's why:


When we decided to design a new board game, we set up a survey to get insight on what people are looking for. We had all kinds of categories, play styles, elements, and assets. Being a group of car people, we jokingly put an automotive category in the survey. The response was amazing... Hundreds of people took the survey and over 70% specifically preferred an automotive themed card game.

I know this seems a little weird. Why would car people want a card game? Well that's where our research led us next. We started asking around and realized the massive amount of downtime at shows and events. Most of this time is spent lounging around chatting or absorbed in a cell phone. Our goal is to develop a game that relates and entertains the car scene demographic.

Whether you are an automotive veteran or a casual gamer, BACKFIRE will satisfy your competitive needs. It is very important to us that our game appeals to more than those at the shows. We have developed this game to challenge each player regardless of their background or skill.

We have taken inspiration from decades of movies and video games and created something you can play at any location. Upgrade your car, boost your ride, advance to faster cars, sabotage your competition, do whatever it takes to win the race. BACKFIRE is a card game designed by car enthusiasts for car enthusiasts.

Thank you,

The BACKFIRE Development Team

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