We are looking for the most tastefully modded cars in your area.

We have completed the base game. We will continue taking submissions for future booster packs and special editions.

We are in the final stages of developing CLUTCH, the most comprehensive automotive themed game in history. Obviously, we can't live up to that prestige without the cleanest modded cars on the planet. Here's what we're looking for:


We need professional images of tasteful builds. Based on the submissions we get, we will choose the best fit for the game and notify the owner. In exchange, the owner will have their car printed in the game for everyone to drool over. The owner will also receive a special edition of CLUTCH. In addition, each vehicle, owner, and photographer will have the opportunity to be credited and published in the official CLUTCH rulebook and on this website.


If you own a tastefully modded car and have professional photos of it, please submit a photo by clicking the link and filling out the form.


Thank you,

The CLUTCH Development Team


- Plenty of space around subject

- Only one vehicle

- Grunge style (brick, concrete, graffiti)

- Any vehicle color


- No space around subject

- More than one vehicle

- No focus

*By submitting a photo into the "Drop The CLUTCH" program you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions.

Winedesign Products & Consulting reserves full creative license to modify, crop, filter, or otherwise alter the submitted photo to appropriately match the aesthetic of the existing game. All identifying marks such as license plates, decals, stickers, or graphics can or will be removed from the image. 

**Winesdesign Products & Consulting, LLC and CLUTCH The Game are in no way affiliated with any organized automotive company or brand. All vehicle names and brands are property of their respective parent companies.

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